Topical vs. Oral CBD – Laveen Green explains how to use both them effectively

Laveen Green offers topical and oral CBD products.

Buying CBD oil can be a great decision for your health; however, it also can be a confusing one if you aren’t sure which application method is the better option for you. Opting for a vape oil will have different effects than using a tincture, for example, and they help in different ways. Two of the most common methods to use CBD are via topicals and oral applicators. Let’s take a look at which option might work for your needs!

What is a CBD topical?

Some of the most common questions we receive are about CBD topicals and how to use them. CBD topical products are rubbed into the skin. There are a few different types of topicals from which to choose:

  • CBD balms are best used for dry and cracked skin as they stick around longer than creams and lotions and protect the surface of your skin better. They’re also generally full of beneficial ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.
  • Lotions can do more than moisturize – they can improve skin significantly and leave it bright and radiant. Selecting a CBD lotion with moisturizing ingredients combined with pure CBD oil can help your skin thrive.
  • Creams are often the medium of choice when it comes to pain relief via CBD topicals. Infused with full spectrum CBD, creams are more substantial than lotions and are designed to absorb quickly and provide fast relief.

In addition to the three options above, roll-on applicators, bath bombs, and transdermal patches are all used to apply CBD. The choice you make depends upon

CBD creams at Laveen Village Wellness & Certification Center provide immediate pain relief.
CBD creams at Laveen Village Wellness & Certification Center provide immediate pain relief.

your specific needs, but in general creams are the preferred option for pain relief. Topicals should be applied directly on the skin where you’re experiencing pain. For example, if you have back pain and are hoping your CBD cream will help alleviate it to some extent, you should rub the cream gently into the skin on your back.

CBD topicals are favored by many because they offer immediate relief. However, it’s important to note that penetrating through your skin is a difficult task. Even multiple layers of cream will eventually “top off” due to low bioavailability, with additional layers doing nothing to increase the relief experienced.


Bioavailability refers to your body’s ability to absorb CBD into your bloodstream. In order to achieve maximum results from CBD in any form, it must be absorbed into your bloodstream without breaking down or being metabolized too much. CBD products derived from hemp are often the best choice here.

This concept is important to understand when it comes to topicals. Because CBD cannot penetrate through your skin and into your bloodstream, it won’t have the same impact that taking it orally will have. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. Topicals allow for immediate absorption directly to an affected area. And while they might not be quite as potent as other forms of CBD, they still stimulate the CB2 receptors located within your skin and offer quick relief.

What is oral CBD?

The term “oral CBD” refers to consuming CBD through your mouth. There are two common methods of doing this: ingestion and sublingually.


Ingesting CBD means swallowing it directly using a pill, a gummy, or a soft gel. As with anything you ingest, CBD consumed this way will need to move through your digestive system and your liver before it is broken down and sent to your bloodstream in a process known as “first-pass metabolism”. Because digestive enzymes break down CBD compounds before it makes it there, ingestion has low bioavailability much like the topicals described above.


The more effective way to take oral CBD is sublingually in a process where drops of oil are placed beneath your tongue. The mucous membrane in your mouth allows for quick absorption into your bloodstream without the need to pass through your digestive system. CBD consumed this way has high bioavailability because it is able to skip the digestive process.

Capsules are a form of oral CBD product that you can find at Laveen Village Wellness and Certification Center.
Capsules are a form of oral CBD product that you can find at Laveen Village Wellness and Certification Center.

There are a few different options for taking CBD orally. If you’re opting for sublingual consumption, oil tinctures are the best choice due to their aforementioned high bioavailability. With that said, you can also take your CBD in capsule, soft gel, and gummy form.

CBD Oral vs. Topical – Which is Right for You?

There are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding which form of CBD is right for you. Are you looking for targeted relief of mild discomfort? If so, then topical might be the best route. CBD cream works quickly and is effective when applied to joints or muscles to help with minor aches and pains.

If you’re looking for stronger relief, oral consumption is likely the better choice. Because CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream when taken orally, this method offers a stronger impact upon your body and pain.

No matter which method you decide, our team here at Laveen Village Wellness & Certification Center is happy to help. Reach out to Laveen Green today for more information.

Laveen Village Wellness & Certification Center in Laveen, Arizona provides naturopathic treatment for anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, insomnia and other ailments through CBD oil-based products. We also provide medical marijuana card certification. Visit to learn more.


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